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Read about How Massage Can Help with Chronic Pain, Headaches, & More

On this page, you can read what some of our patients have to say about the benefits they’ve received from massage therapy. If you’re dealing with physical injuries, chronic headaches, or other pain, please don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment.

Headaches Began to Diminish

I am privileged to give my testimonial of the services of John Coelho at the Downtown Massage Therapy Clinic...
I suffered from chronic headaches that were negatively affecting my life. As an Office Administrator, it is important that I have a pleasant personality and let me tell you, by the end of the day I was miserable with a headache.

I first visited my Optometrist to have my eyes checked but everything was okay. I than went to my Doctor who gave me every test possible including a CAT Scan to no result. She referred me to Massage Therapy to see if that would help.

After my third session with John the headaches began to diminish and life became pleasant again not only for me but for everyone around me! With continued therapy I can swear that it's been a long time since I've had a headache. I continue to do monthly sessions as I do not want those headaches to come back again.

I highly recommend John's massage therapy and thank him immensely for what he has done fo
r me.


Edie R.

Increased Range of Motion

I was in a car accident in 2009 that caused severe whiplash injuries and chronic pain. I have seen different massage therapists since then, but none of them were able to help me as much as John Coelho. Over the last year he has been able to treat my flare ups, increase my range of motion and help me maintain my function. I have and will continue to recommend him to family and friends, as well as continue see him regularly for my own treatment and pain management.


Michelle C. RN

Pain Control and Mobility Maintenance

I am a retired nurse and have been under John's care for many years. He has been an integral part of my health care team. In 2006 I was out for a walk and was hit by a car. My injuries were extensive.

John worked with me in a professional, knowledgeable and caring manner to help me in regaining my mobility and range of motion prior to and after each surgery I required. Today I continue to see John for pain control and mobility maintenance. I highly recommend John and thank him.

Candice M. G.

Chronic Pain Has Gotten Better

I have been seeing John now for about four years. I came to him about my chronic pain and fibromyalgia. I've gone through so many surgeries and different kinds of pain management that have only made the pain worse.
John has been the only person to understand what I'm going through and has never given up on me when it comes to treating my pain. Since I've started treatment my fibromyalgia and chronic pain has gotten better. I am feeling hopeful again and would highly recommend John to anyone who is suffering with pain.

Thank you,

Shannon S.

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